13 BEST Screen Houses for Camping Bug-Free 2023 Guide

The walls are made of fine no-see-um nylon mesh edged with polyester taffeta. This polyester material is less susceptible to UV damage than the nylon that previous versions of this tent incorporated, but it generally has a feel that is not quite as soft. Despite the change ozark trail chairs in fabric, this REI shelter still weighs just 13 pounds, several pounds less than many others of this type. If you love camping but hate eating your morning pancakes in the rain, a canopy tent can protect you from the trifecta of bugs, sun, and sudden showers.

Please see how I rate this Ozark Trail 12 tent, I use my standard set of criteria so you can easily compare with the other tents presented here in the site. The poles attach to the tent through a combination of sleeves on the roof and clips, plus the usual pin-and-ring system at the base of the tent, see the picture below. You have a combination of steel used for its 6+2 legs, and fiberglass used for the 4 roof poles. The elbow elements which connect the roof poles and the legs are pre-attached to the tent so you cannot lose them, see one in the picture below.

To avoid mildew, never pack away a wet or damp tent. The canopy tent has mesh walls on all four sides and an edge of polyester fabric (also DWR treated) at the ground that deters mosquitos and other critters from invading from below. ozark trail screen house Like many tents of this type, the REI Screen House Shelter has a fabric hook in the center of the ceiling that accommodates a small lantern or other light. The Clam Quick-Set Escape was by far the toughest canopy tent we tested.

The screen room has no panels so you have great views everywhere around. Many screen shelters offer excellent protection from insects and light rain. Dome-shaped screen houses simply ozark trail screen house have a rounded design. The rounded design of the structure helps buffet wind and rain off the roof of the screen house. Screen house tent, screen shelter, or screen tent.

The mesh doesn’t seem particularly durable, and given the cap-like roof, the shade provided is much more limited than with our top-pick tents. In early March, we took our second trip to the oceanside Sycamore Canyon Campground (PDF) near Oxnard, California. There we encountered mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s. A later check of the weather at nearby Point Mugu Naval Air Station confirmed top recorded wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. A lower roof makes this shelter feel notably smaller than our top pick, but it’s also durably made and ready to pair with a superior rain fly (sold separately). However, don’t expect much privacy if you’re sleeping in a screen tent due to the mesh walls.