35-Quart Ozark Trail Hard Sided High Performance Cooler w Microban Blue

When it comes down to it Ozark Trail is a cheaper rip-off of the Yeti Hopper series of coolers. The Yeti coolers are all equipped with tie down straps so you can strap down your cooler to your car, van, truck or boat and make sure it doesn’t move around at all. Yeti doesn’t have any external pockets not does it have a bottle opener. The M30 also has 2 side handles for carrying with two hands when the cooler is full and heavy or for carrying with a friend.

Being a premium cooler, you’d expect the 12 can model to cost a lot more than $50 but it doesn’t. Unlike their hard-sided collection, the soft Ozark Trail line is surprisingly richer. Indeed, the brand seems to focus slightly more on their soft cooler collection since it is truly where it makes most sells. To be entirely honest, while Ozark tries, the ice retention isn’t quite on the same level as what you get with a Yeti. Here it’s really a battle of reputations, though, because, for the price, Ozark is a solid choice. So imagine our joy when we stumbled upon this little gem of a brand.

If getting a great cooler at a great price means making some sacrifices, like not having it made locally, we know there are people who are willing to pay that price. One of the best selling points (pun intended) of Ozark Trail Coolers is their great asking price. You will find that nearly every model is extremely affordable. With a hard plastic latch, you run the risk of brushing by the cooler and hitting your shin, which I have done and is awful. One of my favorite features though is the rubber wheels vs. the hard plastic wheels on the Pelican and Yeti. Not only will the rubber allow for a slightly smoother roll when you are pull this cooler along, but it will also be quieter.

In the smaller cooler, the 26-quart one, the handle is overhead. Ozark Trail on the other hand are Walmart’s white label brand and the internet is littered with reviews of poor quality of their products. The weather was in low 90s during the test, the coolers were in full sun for most of the morning, and we opened them several times throughout the day.

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ozark trail chairs have similar features to the Yeti Hopper Flip coolers with thick insulation, a waterproof zipper and shoulder strap. They don’t keep ice quite as long as the Yeti but still hold ice for about 2 days. However, the build quality and durability is not comparable to Yeti and Ozark Trail coolers come with no warranty. Several weeks ago we finally purchased an Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler from Walmart.

Both guys share their passion on this website, covering different types of coolers, posting in-depth buying guides and reviewing tens of different products every year. As you can see, they do a pretty good job and certainly deserve your consideration the next time you’re out looking for a cooler. The next time you want a premium cooler and have to stick to a tight budget, try an Ozark. The Backpack cooler should be able to hold ice for a day while the tote holds ice for 1 and a half days.