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You’ll be able to comfortably fit up to 4 chairs underneath the 64 sq. Although we always recommend using anchors such as weighted sand bag or stakes with guy lines attached to the top corners. The ozark trail tumbler very well might be one of the best selling 10×10 tent brands of all time. The easily recognizable logo has been seen by nearly everyone at youth soccer tournaments or beach vacations in recent years. Ultimately, I wasn’t as impressed by the 10-person tents that I tested for this story as I was by the 8-person tents or the 6-person tents. There were a lot of tarp floors, and a lot of fiberglass poles.

Normally Priced at $250 it was marked down to $99.00 so we could not pass up the price.I mean it came with all the side panels and everything. Digging our toes in the sand under one of the best full-overhead coverage beach tents on the market. A frequent reader of our site put the lightweight Cool Cabana pop up beach canopy to the test during a West Coast vacation. We put the lightweight Cool Cabana pop up beach canopy to the test during an East Coast vacation. I was still able to set the tent up, but it was ultimately a little disappointing.

ozark trail canopy

Once the tent was up, however, it was easy to see that it had all been worth it. Most taller individuals will be able to walk around the interior without needing to crouch. I also liked the shape of this tent, which was more square than others that I looked at. That gives you more flexibility with how you arrange sleeping situations. One of my testers noted, however, that there aren’t enough pockets on the inside to stash the odds and ends that crop up while camping. There are three crisscrossing poles at the top that form the room of the tent.

Unless you truly need this much space, I would strongly recommend you opt for something smaller made with higher quality nylon and steel poles. But if you have a big family then a 10-person tent can absolutely be a cozy way to enjoy the long weekend. The weight of this Ozark Trail is lighter than most of the same size alternative steel frame canopy tents, coming in right about 29 lbs. From a positive perspective, the lightweight design increases portability which is certainly important in carrying the tent to its intended location. From a negative perspective, the weight is indicative of a lack of high quality material and components used throughout the shelter.

Every detail was exactly the same, just in a different colorway. Along with the Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent, the Ozark Trail Family Cabin tent was one of the most difficult in my test to set up. Or come see us once you return for a burger and a cold drink. Time to fill this bad boy with great products like gadgets, electronics, housewares, gifts and other great offerings from Groupon Goods. I got the overall sizes and radius of the inside corners.Then I determined the overall outside dimensions and then started making rectangles in fusion.

The legs extend to give the top peak a height of about 8’10” which will be plenty of headroom for anyone underneath. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the 10-person tents that I looked at. All were made from less robust materials, including fiberglass poles. This helps to keep the cost of the product down but makes for a less reliable product in the long run. Which is a real problem when you’re talking about your shelter. If you can, I’d recommend opting for one of the best 6-person tents or one of the best 8-person tents.

Since 1960, we’ve welcomed your family and friends into our fold, making our front yard yours. We invite you to keep the tradition alive with a mile of breathtaking riverfront camping and lodging along the picturesque Meramec River. We remove the brim from the part and do a little bit of clean up. Normally this is where I need to go back and make adjustments to the measurements but this time it slides right on with a snug fit. Not very often do I get the measurements right on the first go but this time it worked out perfectly.

Keep this tent in your arsenal for when you know there will be clear skies on your camping weekend. In addition to packed size, assembled size, ease of set up, and weather protection, I also considered each tent’s price when making a final determination. This ozark trail chair is perfect for camping, the backyard and any outdoor socially-distanced summer events that need a little shade. Customers are satisfied with the value of the portable freestanding shelter. Customers find the portable freestanding shelter easy to open.

They mention that the storage bag goes on pretty easily, and the initial difficulty installing disappeared quickly. Customers like the appearance, ease of installation, and waterproofness of the portable freestanding shelter. For example, they mention it looks good, is easy to put up and take down, and has a windproof peak. That said, opinions are mixed on sturdiness and performance. The rainfly provided sufficient coverage, and there were a reasonable number of windows and doors, which also helps to prevent water incursion.

Floating Treetops Aerial Park – Look right and prepare to be amazed! Our Missouri trees have decided to get in on the adventure, offering a unique aerial park experience. Dare to gear up and traverse through the treetops for an adrenaline-pumping journey you won’t forget. The speed does not create the prettiest quality on my printer but its still solid and no layer separation. This really is not that difficult of a bracket to design, but it needed to be a 1 to 1 fit and to beef up the corner area so it wouldn’t break again. I have been playing around with 3d scanning but I cant get it right just yet.